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  • Pea coats are the perfect outerwear, not only because they are cute and have a vintage feel to them but they are also extremely versatile.  They can be worn with jeans or leggings, with a scarf or simply belted, and even over a dress.

    FOREVER 21 Double Breasted Jacket With Belt $24.50

    WET SEAL Military Hood Trench Jacket $27.99

    FOREVER 21 Faux Fur Trim Jacket $29.80

    H&M Coat $29.95

    H&M Jacket $34.95

    H&M Jacket $34.95

    Wet Seal Double Breasted Hood Jacket $39.50

  • With homecoming season coming up soon I wanted to put up so tips on how to look great at homecoming for less.

    1. Get your dress on sale or clearance: Many stores have really cute dress on their clearance rack starting at like $10 also Deb, JCPenny, and Macy’s are great places to great gorgeous, affordable dresses
    2. Do your hair yourself: There are a ton of homecoming hair tutorials on Youtube that are easy and aren’t too time consuming or you can go on Google and look up some cute hairstyles that you can make your own.
    3. DIY!: There are a ton of ways to make cute accessories for homecoming and they’ll be on of a kind too! has a great tutorial for heels made from CDs
    4. Make Up: I know a lot of people go in to get their makeup done at a Sephora store or Mac store but if you want to save gas and time go on Youtube and look up make-up tutorials for homecoming. I love this one by Arden of ARose186
    5. Spend Less on your shoes: Some great stores to find shoes are Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx. These stores all have cute shoes that are sometimes designer but you’ll pay way less. Also DSW always has a great clearance section.

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  • We all love our t-shirts because they’re really comfortable and they’re perfect for lounging around the house but they can also be great for school or a date night. Here are some tips on how to dress up your favorite tee or band shirt:

    1. Accessorize: Nothing makes a boring tee pop like a statement ring or some cute necklaces.
    2. Wear it with a cute skirt: Wearing a cute floral skirt or tribal skirt definitely makes your t-shirt look way dressier and you’ll feel gorgeous in it.
    3. Wear animal print: I love wearing my cheetah print scarf when I’m wearing a t-shirt. My outfit isn’t as boring with it on. So try wearing cheetah print shoes or if you’re not that daring or don’t own any opt for a scarf.
    4. Throw a blazer on: A cute blazer makes your favorite band tee look ten times better. It’s makes an effortless outfit that still looks extremely cute.
    5. Wear some leather: A nice leather jacket or leather pants toughens up the t-shirt and also keeps you warm.
    6. Wear a print cardigan: Wearing a print cardigan will keep you warm when fall rolls around and also makes your t-shirt look really cute.
    7. Get an exciting bag: Whether you’re wearing a cute cross-body or an over-sized handbag your purse can make your t-shirt or band tee look extremely cute if you pick the right one.
    8. Layer it: Throw on a flannel and then a denim or leather vest, and not only are you warm on these chilly fall days but you’re still stylish.

    Stay beautiful

    xoxo, The It Girls

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  • One problem that most girls, including myself, face when school swings back around is keeping our make up where it’s supposed to be.  Within 6 hours, a lot of funky stuff happens - our eyeliner becomes a dissappearing act, our face becomes too shiny for comfort, and our foundation goes out the door.  The It Girls are here to help with easy, affordable solutions:)

    For starters, you want your face to be nice and moisturized in order to avoid flakiness that can’t be covered up - with the weather changes and skin healing from sun burns, moisturizing is a must no matter what skin type you have.  In order to help your skin retain moisture, use a mineral spray such as Evian ($15) after washing your face and before putting on moisturizer.

    Also, as you’ve heard a trillion times before, it’s VITAL to have SPF on even if it’s not summer.  It may not seem to make a discernable difference now, but you’ll be thankful when you don’t have sunspots once you’re older.  Opt for an oil free moisturizer with SPF such as this one from Neutrogena ($9.97).

    To keep your foundation in place and to create a smooth, even base try a face primer.  These range GREATLY in prices depending on where you go to get one.  A cheaper option would be one from L’Oreal ($10.97) or you could try a natural one such as a Korres ($28) brand primer.

    If you need to get rid of any unwanted sheen on your face, oil blotting sheets are your new best friend.  These small papers are used by patting them against your face on your problem areas (your t-zone and anywhere else) to remove oil without removing your make up.  The Sephora Collection ($8) matte blotting papers are an even better deal than the Clean & Clear brand sheets.  The best thing about these are that you can easily carry them around in your purse to use quickly during passing or when ever else you may need them!

    Eye shadow tends to crease and smear through out the day, and luckily there’s a primer for this specific purpose as well!  This, just as the face primer, varies greatly in pricing.  Eye shadow primer will not only help keep your shadow in place but also brings out the pigments in your eye shadow too.  A cheaper option would be one from L’Oreal ($7.47) and one on the pricier side would be the Urban Decay Primer Potion ($19) both of which have gotten great reviews.

    And lastly, eye liner.  Since taking the time to carefully reapply is not exactly an option during the minutes between classes, we have to take precaution in the morning when applying.  Eye shadow primer also helps to keep eye liner on, but the type of eyeliner you choose in itself can also make a huge difference.  Water proof make up has a tendency to be less pigmented, but with the eye shadow primer you’ll be just fine.  You have your choice between smudge proof Maybelline ($4.97-$5.47) and long lasting Retractable Eyeliner from the Sephora Collection ($12).

    My favorite tip for long lasting eyeliner actually involves eyeshadow.  Using a very thin brush, sweep some black eye shadow directly over the eyeliner.  This will not only make it a tad bit darker but it will last SO much longer this way.  As long as it’s matte, the eye shadow can be any brand from Covergirl to Urban Decay ($17).

    Stay beautiful!

    xoxo, The It Girls

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  • We’ve been seeing a lot of sheer. Why? Because it’s a great way to transition from Summer to Fall. Although sheer can be tricky to pull off when you do it looks great. As Miley Cryus, Khloe Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, and Whitney Port show you, sheer can be dressed up or down but no matter how you wear it it looks good - just remember to wear a tank top or bandeau underneath.

    Wet Seal Sheer Strip Tee - $18.50

    Carlotte Russe Sheer Mesh Cover Up - $19.99


    Forever21 Draped Panel Top - $22.80

    Forever21 Sheer Woven Top


    Forever21 Contrast Collar Dress - $22.90

    Lulu’s Leila of the Valley Stripe Maxi Skirt - $39.00

    Lucca Couture Chiffon Back Colorblock Tee - $44.00

    Lulu’s Trieste Entreaty Green Maxi Dress - $57.00

    Stay beautiful

    xoxo The It Girls

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